Basil and Min short story!

There is a Basil and Min short story available on the Arena Circus tumblr (! Check it out now while you wait for chapter 4. c: In other news, I've also added a progress box, so you can see where the current word count is, and check out the assets when I get started on those.

Also on the tumblr is a sneak peak at the 11k pic! I have the sketch done and will be finishing it up in the upcoming weeks. 

Thanks guys!

Live long and prosper,


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Both the sketch WIP and the story are very sweet, but that left me wondering. You say the story is a spoiler for some scenes, but well, I don't know the scenes by numbers haha. Is this a canon thing if you don't make things right for Basil and Carlota? Never went that way even though I've played at least 5 times, so I wouldn't know haha

Nope, it's only canon if you don't try and get Basil and Carlotta back together. Then again, they had a lot of issues, so who knows how long their happiness would last. The story is pre-relationship of course, I think it'll take a while for Basil to really open himself up again... but I think Min could be the one to do it!

The scenes mentioned, scene 45 is one you can see if you

a: don't get Basil and Carlotta back together, and

b: do Min's request on the job board. 

The pic at the top is a peak of the CG from that scene! 

Thanks for reading ^^