The results are in!

It was a close call, but the winners of the 11k poll were... drum roll...

Aldrich and Lilié!

What do you have to say guys?

Lilié: Wow, we actually won something.

Aldrich: I knew we could do it!

Keep an eye on for progress updates of the art! I’ll be starting on that in the upcoming weeks. I might also do a post to see what poses or costumes you guys would like to see.

On another note, you can also follow the tumblr if you’d like a say in how some things go in chapter 4! Right now the most recent post has some info about that, so why not check it out?

Get Arena Circus


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I'm glad you guys aren't too disappointed xD Don't worry, there will be more opportunities for art! I have another poll open on twitter for another milestone so check that out too!

It was my 2nd choice, too

Well, Congratulations guys

Well, that was my second choice, so not bad haha!

Still, aaah... we need some Santana art haha