Update 4.6

Man, I feel like there's been an update EVERY DAY. But, what are you going to do. Sorry folks, I'm only human. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This update fixes an issue where some people might have not been able to move forward during a Leslie and Fenris conversation in scene one, and makes it easier to get their points.

People who purchased Arena Circus Golden before April, the files in the dropbox have been updated.


Arena Circus (MAC)(4.6) 175 MB
Apr 02, 2018
Arena Circus (PC/Linux)(4.6) 190 MB
Apr 02, 2018

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Don't apologize! I would rather see constant updates instead of none at all. I'm super excited for the full release of this game, and I'm glad you are working so hard on it!

Aw thanks so much, this really made me happy to read ;; 

I'll do my best to keep going strong!