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Arena Circus

Test your strength at the greatest show on earth. · By Minyan Studios


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Circus Summary 7/20
🎪 Hey guys! The circus is back in town! Now that the intro of The Pretenders Guild has been gently nudged into the river of existence, I’m back to working...
Circus Summary 7/13
The Pretenders Guild voiced intro is nearly done, so development for the next update of the chapter 4 beta will continue soon! I’ll be doing them intermittent...
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Circus Summary 7/5
🌟 This week was mostly for the Pretenders Guild! Once I finish testing for the intro and get that out, I’ll be continuing work on the next update for the b...
Circus Summary
Okay! So I’ve been mostly focusing on putting in lines for the Pretenders Guild this week, but AC hasn’t been without progress! I put down the framework fo...
Circus Summary
And we’re back! Hi guys! 🌟 So, this week I’ve been working on a job that takes Lilié and Aldrich to a haunted house . Well, it takes Lilié there, Aldr...
New Update Schedule
Hey guys! I'm revamping my update schedule and trying to figure out the best way to get information about my progress out there. I'm going to keep this devlog p...
Ch 4 beta update out!
I think I forgot to post this, but the ch 4 beta has been updated! It now has up to day 3. That includes over 15,000 words, and two new CGs! The ch 4 beta is av...
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