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Ch 4 beta update out!
I think I forgot to post this, but the ch 4 beta has been updated! It now has up to day 3. That includes over 15,000 words, and two new CGs! The ch 4 beta is av...
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Ch 4 beta update coming soon!
Hey guys! Another update to the chapter 4 beta is coming soon. This update will include over 20,000 words, five new backgrounds, two CGs, and this cutie here! A...
Chapter 4 update now available!
Hello guys! The chapter 4 beta is now available to all patrons of Minyan studios. Currently the beta has the first two days of chapter 4 implemented, which incl...
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Ch 4 Beta live!
The first day of chapter 4 is NOW to play by October 19th for all patrons of Minyan Studios ( ), with the official release date to...
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Ch 4 Day 1, 10/19/2018
Hey all! So I've been very busy between school, commissions, and work, but I wanted to stay at least somewhat faithful for my original projection of an October...
Polls, livestream
Hey guys! You might have seen this elsewhere, but polls are now open to all patrons, starting from the $1 tier. There's a poll up now regarding background for c...
Patreon Update
Hey guys! So if you didn't know, the patreon is live. I just posted my first weekly update which you can check out here:
Patreon Launch/Update
Hey guys! So the whole process of submitting the patreon page for review didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would, and in the absence of any more conc...