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A dramatic adventure set in a fantasy world where appearance is everything and humans are at the bottom of the totem pole. Aldrich and Lilié are trying to battle their way to the top of a world that looks down on them- and soon it will become far more than just a matter of pride.

The two protagonists are Aldrich and Lilie (the player will
be able to give them their own names depending on who
they choose).

Currently, there are 1 out of 6 chapters complete.

Release of next chapter: November 2016

Current release stats:

Gameplay time: 1:30 to 2 hours

30,000 words

6 CGs

13 clothing items

Plenty of free roam character interaction


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It's regarding a 'golden' version of the game, including a guide, and more extra features. It would likely be around $5 and upon first release there will be a discount for the first downloaders!

Update 10/22: The last CG is done AHHHH Just a few more clothing items I'd like to include, and once testing is finished I will be releasing the now full, polished chapter one (with more clothes, yay!), and chapter two!

Included in the next update:

+ The full storyline of Chapter 2 (Lilié's route, 32,000 + words)

+ 30 + possible scenes to find during free roam

+ A second outfit for Aldrich

+ 13 + new clothing items for Lilié

+ 7 CGs

+ 6 new backgrounds

+ 2 new sprites

+ Minor spelling/grammar fixes

+ Bug fixes in Chapter 1

+ Minor gameplay changes

+ New GUI

+ Fast skip

Follow me on twitter (@CapMinyan) for the latest sneak peaks and progress updates!

Some questions for those who have the time:

Did you enjoy it?

What was your favorite part?

How do you like the battle system? Were the right/wrong choices obvious, too subtle, or just right?

Since this is chapter one, the first battle can always be won, the second can be won or lost, and the third is always lost. The other chapters will have winning and losing outcomes for the battles, and they'll have more choices. They should increase in difficulty with each chapter.

Were there enough scenes? Did you find yourself with a lack of things to do? Were the scenes long enough?

Did you enjoy the clothing options?

There are moments where characters will comment on what you wear. Should I add more of this or did you have a lot of moments like that?

Were the story/mandatory scenes paced well?

Who is your favorite character?

Who did you start to romance? Were the romantic scenes paced well considering this is only the first chapter?

I'd love to see screenshots of the outfits you guys put together!


(For the finished game)
> A story filled with drama, comedy, romance, and two distinct branches, with several possible endings for each. Which side will you choose?
> Two characters you can play as, one male one female.
> 3 possible romances, one G x G, one G x B, and one B x B
> A battle system featuring timed choices. Winning or losing could take you down very different paths.
> 6 chapters
> 35 CGs (tentative number)
> Two customizable sprites with clothing available for the head, torso, leg and feet, as well as accessories.
> Quests to earn money to buy clothing, accessories, and change small things in the world.
> Character interaction during free roam.










Lillie's route will be done first.

I again just want to thank everyone who's followed this and added your comments, it means so much to me and has really been motivation to keep going.

More information

Published184 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
TagsComedy, Fantasy, LÖVE, Otome, renpy, Romance, Visual Novel
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


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I spent a very good time playing this demo, so I'm gonna answer your questions!

Did you enjoy it?

Yes, a lot - I like the setting and the art/music. The characters are nice too! I can't wait for the full version to be released!

What was your favorite part?

The side-quest about Leslie's lost ribbon, I think. As silly as it may seem, it was quite endearing. And it really gives the "JRPG side-quest" vibes while playing a VN game!

How do you like the battle system? Were the right/wrong choices obvious, too subtle, or just right?

I like it very much! This is the first time I see that kind of battle system based purely on timed choices! The answers were right in my opinion, difficulty wise. They were not hard per se, but just right since this is chapter one!

Were there enough scenes? Did you find yourself with a lack of things to do? Were the scenes long enough?

Yeah! I don't think I even did all of the side scenes actually!

Did you enjoy the clothing options?

It is nice and pretty unique! I won't think of it as one of the main appeals of the game, but I still enjoy it.

There are moments where characters will comment on what you wear. Should I add more of this or did you have a lot of moments like that?

I didn't really have moments like that, but I like the idea.

Were the story/mandatory scenes paced well?

I think so, yeah.

Who is your favorite character?

Siegfried! But I also like Aldrich a lot, though I'd rather play as him so yeah, I must wait for the full release.

Who did you start to romance? Were the romantic scenes paced well considering this is only the first chapter?

I didn't start any romance - the character I was the nicest with was Fenris I think, but he isn't a romance option, so yeah...

Overall, I love this game, I love the battle system, I love the CGs and I like the sense of freedom it gives - VNs where you can actually wander around and do things at your own pace are an always welcomed rarity!

My only complaint is that I'm not very fond of Lilié, at least as MC (she's interesting, but I didn't like playing as her), so I was a little sad Aldrich wasn't playable in the demo. I don't like the romance options for Lilié either, since I wouldn't want to romance the other playable character, and I'm not into GxG. I really wish Siegfried and even more Fenris were options for her. If they were I'd actually play the full game at least once with Lilié, but as it is, I'll only play as Aldrich. This is why I haven't explored everything in this chapter yet - gonna save that for him!

By the way, do you have a release date planned?

Yessss, the lost ribbon quest is my favorite too! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, sorry you didn't care much for Lilié! The release date for Ch. 2 will be very soon, within the next few weeks, but for Lilié's whole route I'm thinking it won't be done until sometime next year. Unfortunately Aldrich's will be much later after that. But, I hope you do play when I can get it all together!

Of course, I can wait!

Out of curiosity for the story I may continue my playthrough, but without doing any romance it won't be the same I'm affraid. Oh, is it even possible to play without romancing anyone, actually? I know not all dating sims allow that

I understand that! My favorite part of VNs is usually the romance xD But it is definitely possible to play through without romancing anyone! There are two non romance ends out of the total six endings. And it's possible that, if you don't romance anyone, the love interest(s) will end up with someone else. There are options in the game that make this happen easier as well, so if you'd rather have aldrich x leslie with a little careful planning you can make it happen. ^^

Oh, that's a very interesting point! While the non-romance routes are something that may happen, this is the first time I see the option to actually make the other characters end up together! I don't know if I'll try to make that happen, but I love the idea!

I'm glad! I'd like to see it in more games too, especially if it's obvious two characters have chemistry! And it makes it a little more realistic that you (the mc) aren't their only option xD

Yeah, same here, especially in games where you can choose your MC. Winter Wolves make amazing games for example, and in two of their games you can choose if you want a boy or girl MC while the other one is still here (in one of the games you can romance the one you aren't playing, in a similar fashion as in your game, while in the other one they are siblings). So basically, you KNOW the other character have possible romances too, and sometimes with great alchemy, but still you can't make them end up together. I even talked about that in my review for one of their games haha! I'm glad to see someone else did it!

I don't know if I'll try that in this game if I keep playing before you do Aldrich's route... Since I don't "care" much about Lilié, I'm gonna play without trying to accomplish anything and simply choosing the answers I want to. If I end up with a romance, or if Aldrich ends up with one, I'll be fine anyway.

If you do end up giving it a shot, I hope you enjoy it! ^^

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First of all, I would just like to say I love everything about this game! The characters are engaging, the art is appealing, and the Emilie's thoughts are hilarious. However, I found a game breaking error. It occurs when you choose Emilie's route right after you battle Lucy and Santana. It says "an exception has occurred" and the exception is "Switch could not choose a displayable". I am using the mac version of the game. I hope this information helps!

thanks so much! I'll check out that error and get it fixed for the next update.

is this a commercial game? o-o the art totally looks like it!


Thank you so much for the kind words ; ; But no, this will be totally free!

eeeek that's exciting! :D

AMAZING GAME !!!! and yes caps is necessary. I played the game after like a month from when I downloaded it so I forgot that this is a demo
I was so into it and then bam the demo ended and I'm like ?????
I really liked the gameplay and the story of the game ! Can't wait for the full version :0)

xDD Sorry about that. I finally got past a block in writing chapter 2 so it'll be up hopefully soon! Thank you for your comment and glad you enjoyed it!

i absolutely adored this demo especially your art style! i can't wait for the full version to come out! :'D

Thanks so much! Chapter two is already in the making, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long!