A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Current version: 4.7

The Arena Circus chapter 4 beta is now available for all Minyan Studios patrons (https://www.patreon.com/minyanstudios)! You can download and see all the CGs and text without needing to worry about how many points you have with the characters. The full update to the game, with chapter 4's first day implemented into your  game, will be available soon! 

A visual novel set in a fantasy world where appearance is everything and humans are at the bottom of the totem pole. Aldrich and Lilié are trying to battle their way to the top of a world that looks down on them— and soon it will become far more than just a matter of pride.

In this universe physically superior beings knowns as ‘reavers’ rule over high society and have established a strict caste system, with humans at the bottom. In order to have any sort of nice lifestyle the humans seek out strong reavers and allow themselves to be bonded 
as a ‘Harlequin’. Some humans are used as servants, jesters, pleasure slaves, but most are forced to duel in arena-styled tournaments.

Currently available:

3/6 chapters of Lilie's route (only, Aldrich currently unavailable) Rating: 16+ for: language, violence, some gore, disturbing themes, sexual themes

Gameplay time: 4 + hours 

83,000 + words 

18 CGs 

38 clothing items

For the finished game:

+ A story filled with drama, comedy, romance, and two distinct branches, with several possible endings for each. Which side will you choose?

+ Free roam where you can move around, find different characters in different locations, shop for clothes, and complete side quests to earn money for clothes. Scenes you might find include world building information, character backstories, will strengthen your relationships with the characters, or might just be good for a laugh ;D

+Two characters you can play as, one male one female. Both of them are bisexual.

+3 possible romances, one G x G, one G x B, and one B x B

+ A battle system featuring timed choices. Winning or losing affects the story.

+ 6 chapters

+ 34 CGs (tentative number)

+ Main character sprites with clothing available for the head, torso, leg and feet, as well as accessories.

I again just want to thank everyone who's followed this and given me your feedback, it means so much to me and has really been motivation to keep going.

Download the game for free, or buy Arena Circus Golden and get extra content and the full guide book here! People who purchase Arena Circus Golden now are getting a discount. AC Golden  will be $10 when complete.

What's the difference?

Arena Circus (regular):

The full game will be COMPLETELY FREE. None of the main story or any CGs will be left out of the free version. You can upgrade to Arena Circus Golden from the regular game at any time by starting a new file and entering the password, available in the Golden purchases. That should unlock the extra features when you load a save.

Arena Circus Golden:

Download the password to unlock Arena Circus Golden here for $5.

What is Arena Circus Golden? A way for you to show your support for me as a developer by donating to an otherwise free game. I'm able to keep doing what I do, and you get some extra content.

Why is  the password on a separate page? It's just a  way for me to keep track of who's purchased the files for the proper amount.

Whats included?

+ Discount (If you buy it early, before the game is complete, you'll get all future updates (next chapters, etc) for free. Once chapter 6 is done the whole package will be $10, so buy early if you want a discount!)

+ Extra clothes

+ Epilogues (in the finished game)

+Art Book

+Development notes

+Walkthrough (For romance, extra scenes, and clothing)

(The guide book is currently only completed up to chapter 2. Chapter 3 guide will be released with Chapter 4)

I am constantly working on Arena Circus. Thank you for your support.


Cool rewards to be unlocked on Patreon!

Follow me on twitter (@CapMinyan) and tumblr for the latest sneak peaks, bonus art, and progress updates!

Ask me anything (https://arenacircusvn.tumblr.com/ask)

You can get the soundtrack free here: https://soundcloud.com/user-577383146/sets/arena-circus-soundtrack

Questions for those who've played:

1. What are your overall thoughts?

2. Favorite part?

3. Any suggestions?

4. Anything you'd like to see in future chapters?

5. What sort of clothing would you like to have added?

6. Other?

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading the first three chapters of Arena Circus!

Post any bugs here or e-mail me at aferalcircus@gmail.com. I will respond as soon as possible!


Arena Circus Guide (Sample) 8 MB
Arena Circus (Linux) 180 MB
Arena Circus (MAC) 175 MB
Arena Circus (Windows) 177 MB
Arena Circus Ch 4 Beta (linux) 109 MB
Arena Circus Ch 4 Beta (mac) 104 MB
Arena Circus Ch 4 Beta (Win) 105 MB

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